Bid writing and drafting funding applications

We can write bids to help you win public funding for your project from agencies in the UK and in Europe.

Bidding for funding is time-consuming, requires the gathering of supporting evidence, and the use of a writing style that convinces the funding agencies of your case. We can provide the support to get your bid in on time, and present your case in the best possible way.

We can analyse the grant requirements, gather internal and external evidence to support your case, and draft the documentation. Often bids require one, two or three-year cash-flow projections and spending patterns. We can produce the policy arguments and the financial profile that will enable you to bid with confidence.

For one client, we drafted a successful bid for £3 million of ERDF funding for a £7 million project. We have written several successful bids to win ESF funding for clients. These projects had contract values of between £750,000
and £3 million.

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